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Beijing Road Delineation Unit 010-83214365/18911022030 Beijing Municipal Road Delineation 16 years of experience in traffic engineering, is designated by the traffic management department road delimitation company. Hot melt marking unit of Beijing highway hot melt marking road, road marking, road marking, road marking, hot melt vibration deceleration marking, highway marking, hot melt marking unit, Beijing Fengtai Road marking company, Beijing Daxing Road marking company, Beijing Haidian Road marking company, Beijing Shijingshan Road marking company, Beijing Tongzhou Road marking company, Beijing Tongzhou Road marking company Beijing Shunyi Road Line Division Company, Beijing Huairou Road Line Division Company, Beijing Liangxiang District Road Line Division Company, Beijing Changping District Line Division, Beijing Changping District Hot Melt Line Division Unit Beijing Hot Melt Line Division Company, Beijing Normal Temperature Cold Paint Line Division, Workshop Line Division, Beijing Traffic Line Division, Municipal Engineering Hot Melt Line Division, Factory Hot Melt Line Division, Park Hot Melt Line Division, Garage Line Division, Parking Space Hot Line Division Division Melt marking unit, two-component marking. To undertake national hot melt marking and national road marking traffic engineering. In recent years, the company mainly undertakes projects such as municipal traffic engineering, road isolation fence engineering, highway marking facilities engineering, municipal road signal lighting engineering, and traffic marking facilities engineering in parks and districts. In the construction process, we always adhere to quality first, safety first, insist on making every project into a high-quality project, high-quality projects, by the Party A units, supervision companies, design units unanimously praised. Our philosophy is: always adhere to quality for survival, reputation for development, scientific management, people-oriented, win-win cooperation. With the growing maturity of the company, it will also contribute to the society with more high-quality projects. Beijing Road Lineation Company website: Consult QQ: 820160398
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Contact:   Manager Wang
Addr:       123 Dawang Road, Tongzhou District, Beijing