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Guangzhou Dingfengsheng Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the largest chemical trade, wholesale and retail market in Guangdong (Guangzhou Tianhe Dongpu Guangzhou Chemical City) with convenient transportation and transportation. The company specializes in the trade of imported chemical raw materials, has rich management experience and large-scale business model, and has a number of professional sales team. Relying on the advantages of system resources and overall strength, the company makes concerted efforts and cooperates with each other to provide customers with professional products and high-quality services wholeheartedly. Main products: wax emulsion series: paraffin emulsion, PE wax emulsion, Brazil palm wax emulsion, polystyrene wax emulsion, hydrogenated wax emulsion, etc. imported wax raw materials series: imported microcrystalline soft wax / Brazil palm wax / polyethylene wax / Sha H1/ wax H1/ Colin wax series, polyvinyl alcohol Changchun, Japan Cola series, EVA hot-melt series, APP random polypropylene series, petroleum resin series, sterilization Preservatives (cosmetics, coatings, leather), phenolic resin 2402, rosin glyceride, thermoplastic styrene-butadiene rubber series SBS791/SBS792/SBS796, imported fumed silica series, coatings, adhesives, plastic additives, cosmetic raw materials and other fine chemical raw materials. Our company is based on the business philosophy of abiding by laws and regulations, high quality and high efficiency, customer first and honesty as its service aim in the chemical industry market. For the national chemical enterprises, and in many manufacturers and circulation enterprises to form a friendly supply and demand partnership.
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Contact:   Zhao Jie
Addr:       D601-603 Chenhui Business Building, No. 5 Fuyuanzhong Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, Guangdong