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Company profile: our company was established in September 2006 and has 290 employees. Company address: Jintang County, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, China. Since its establishment, the company has focused on research, development and production of medical textile products. The company has 2 weaving factories and 2 garment factories. It has 150 looms, 230 garment production facilities, and 1 garment design CAD systems. The annual production capacity of the company is 4 million pieces of medical cloth, 600 thousand pieces of medical clothing, 200 thousand sets of medical sheets, quilt covers, medical napkins, surgical sheets and cloth bags. Meanwhile, our company has also worked with printing and dyeing factories for a long time, and has been printing and dyeing all kinds of medical fabrics for 4 million 800 thousand meters. Our company has 2500 customers in China, including hospitals, garment factories, distributors, medical device companies and so on. The annual output value of the company is 120 million yuan. Our company is in the leading position in China's domestic medical textile products industry. Two, the company's product advantages: 1, because our company specializes in the research, development and production of medical textile products, and owns the weaving, dyeing and dyeing (with dyeing factory cooperation) - garment processing capacity, so that the quality of products can be monitored throughout the process to ensure product quality conforms to the standard of People's Republic of China's basic safety technical specification for National Textiles (GB18401-2010) and the quality standards put forward by customers. 2, our company can custom-made and dye all kinds of medical fabrics and processing various styles of medical clothing according to the requirements of customers. 3, because our company is located in the economically underdeveloped areas of Western China, and the cost of labor and labor is low, the price of our medical textile products has certain advantages. 4, because our company is more professional and familiar with medical textile products, we can provide customers with quality, quantity and speed to provide products three, cooperation mode: our company seeks to establish long-term and stable cooperation relationship with international and domestic agents, distributors, garment factories, medical device companies and hospitals, and achieve common development. Chengdu Hengda Textile Co., Ltd. Chengdu Jintang Hengda garment factory, mailbox Co., Ltd.: office: 028-84938782 provincial sales department: a 028-84015086 two 028-84015590 Ministry of foreign trade 028-84016011 84016007 Province Sales Department: a 028-84015866 two 028-84015166 three 028-84015355 four 028-84015050 company fax: 028-84015026 84998461
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