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Fast Yuda (predecessor fast Yida, because factory relocation name) is a collection of ultrasonic research, manufacturing, sales and service as one of the power ultrasonic applications led high-tech enterprises, the company was founded in 1995, independent research and development of plastic welding equipment, ultrasonic metal welding equipment, health and labor protection materials automatic production equipment, non-woven products production equipment, packaging equipment, ultrasonic cleaning equipment, is a leading technology enterprise in the world. "All staff participation, quality first, customer first" is our company's quality policy. Our company has established a perfect quality management system in strict accordance with the ISO9001 standard, so that the products are in the leading position in terms of structure, function and quality. Vigorously developed the supporting equipment in health, hardware, electronics, culture and education, household appliances, automobiles, cloth industry has been better applied, in the large and medium-sized cities in the country has branches, has a large market share. The quality of the equipment is excellent, and there are regular supply contracts with the European Union, East Asia, China, the Middle East and other regions. After sales service is filed, a regular return visit system is implemented to spare no effort to maintain the normal operation of the equipment and ensure the best interests of the customers. In the face of the future, we will continue to thank the new and old customers for their support and love for "quick Yida" with the principle of "integrity, diligence, enterprising and innovation". To choose us is to choose quality. To choose us is to choose good service. 产品类别: 1、口罩机系列:口罩本体机、口罩内(外)耳带机、C型口罩机、鸭嘴型口罩机、方型口罩机、口罩绑带机、N95口罩机等等; 2、无纺布产品自动化生产设备:头套机、鞋套机、医生帽机、航空枕巾制造机、条形帽制造机、一次性过滤袋机、无纺布一次性背心袋机、手套机、除臭鞋垫机等等 3、超音波系列:超音波塑胶焊接机、超音波金属焊接机、超音波清洗机、超音波花边机(超音波镭丝机)、超音波手焊机等等; 4、热熔热板系列:热熔机、热板塑胶熔接机; 5、机械运动塑胶焊接系列:旋转摩擦焊接机、振动摩擦焊接机; 6、高频塑胶焊接系列:高频感应塑胶焊接机、高周波塑胶焊接机、喇叭网钎焊机; 7、包装机械系列:吸塑包装机、热收缩炉、食品自动灌装包装机、PP盒面膜封盒机; 8、商标机械系列:商标分条机、商标横切断机; 9、各种非标 Automation machinery research and development manufacturing.
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Contact:   Cao meng
Addr:        No. 3 HD Road, Tangxia Town, Tangxia Town, Guangdong, China (beside the market of Qing Hu TOU)