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B2M is a chain store selling company which mainly manages high-end lovers shoes, high-end wedding shoes, business casual shoes, formal business shoes and original clothes.   Company brand introduction In the age of prosperity, we are committed to the increasingly prosperous e-commerce field, providing users with high quality products and quality services through the Internet, and providing convenient online shopping ways for Internet users. The brand "love gift" is closely integrated with life, opposing the materialistic consumption concept, promoting the happy and loving life form, and introducing this idea into every consumer's life through "love gift" to achieve a brand new happy life.   Brand positioning The main buying group of the products in the prosperous age is the intellectual people who are mainly middle class people. They are rich, low-key, reserved and intelligent, advocate the concept of environmental health and healthy life, enjoy life and value communication and friendship, and pursue the attitude of being happy and accepting.   Brand concept In the age of prosperity, find rich inspiration and creative treasure, share with friends and family. The gift belongs to everyone who receives the gift. It is so simple to realize the dream. The most joyful moment is the gift that lets love flow, sweetness and sweetness. Love is the cradle of growth. The love of growth is loving, benevolent, cute, free flowing and full of love. The gift of love links you and me.
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Addr:   Beijing City   Beijing City   No. 89, Mian Shan development area, Changping District, Beijing, China