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 Beijing Kang Qi LAN Meng Garment Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model
Beijing Kang Lan Lan Meng Garments Co., Ltd. is a design, production and sales of professional clothing manufacturers. Our company has designed an advanced computer CAD system. Its sales network is spread all over the country. The products mainly produce industrial clothing, clothing, logo, guesthouses, hotels, shopping malls, schools and other industries. At the same time, it can also produce special protective clothing for various special industries, such as antistatic, acid proof, alkali proof, cold proof, waterproof, oil resistant, flame retardant, reflective, and other special processes, such as grinding, rinsing, ironing, embroidery and so on. In the face of fierce market competition, Kang Lan Lan dream has always been a strong backing of "science, strict management, advanced equipment, strong technical strength and exquisite workmanship". With a series of excellent pre-sale, after-sale service system and reasonable price positioning, Kang has been favored by many customers for many years. Over the years, we have been dedicated to serving the customers with the aim of "service first, quality first". We have also been able to provide perfect service to our customers. We can also design and produce various kinds of uniforms for customers' satisfaction with the intention and concept of our customers, combining the cultural essence of the traditional uniforms and the spirit of the times. Shape the image of the community, enhance the quality of the community, and promote the uniformed culture. We have had friendly cooperation with many companies and established long-term and stable business relations. At present, we have formed certain garment production scale, design capability and supply network of surface and accessories. We have won the trust of our customers with innovative and unique designs, excellent and exquisite production and perfect after-sales service.
Main Products
Sales of clothing, clothing, shoes and hats, leather products, knitwear and textiles
Contact information
Contact:   Chen Xiang Hua
Addr:   Beijing City   Beijing City   Room 119, block B, 93 Old Palace Road, Daxing District.