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All departments are made up of the elite in the world for more than ten years, and have advanced concepts, skillful skills and rich experience. The development department can customize products with beautiful, harmonious proportions, excellent quality and suitable for various needs according to the different requirements of customers (size, shape, posture, etc.); body hangers, model accessories, joint design are reasonable, each muscle is imitated by reality, dressing can better deduce the original intention of fashion design, and show the charm of clothing better, but it is different from the "coat hanger" product which is easy to be removed from the market, the joints are big and even the muscles are distorted. Strict, meticulous, and using the same advanced paint as the world's top model companies, the products produced are smooth, delicate, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, non fading and erasable. They are advanced in most of the products on the market that are dirty, easy to fade, easy to remove paint, easy to produce oil from PVC palm, and even use nanotechnology to protect the surface of products, making products more resistant to high temperature, scratch resistance, waterproofing and antifouling. At the same time, we can finish all kinds of skin color or processing effects according to the requirements of customers. Production department process

The company takes the principle of "honesty, service first and quality first" as the criterion. In line with the service consciousness of "professional, rigorous, serious and responsible", we provide high quality and abundant products to meet the needs of every customer and win a win-win situation.
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