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Janbian Plastics Factory telephone 020-82704690, Mr. Ye, the head of the enterprise, 13809282687. The factory is located in Xikeng Road, Nizi Industrial Zone, Xintang Town, Zengcheng City. It was trial-produced in 1988. In 1989, it formally held the industrial and commercial license to produce and sell plastic products, plastic strips and grains. It has a total area of about 2000 square meters. It has a living area, a granulating workshop and an injection molding hollow workshop. Xintang is an international town for jeans. Our main service object is to provide all kinds of washing rubber balls for garment washing and bleaching plants. Recycled plastic granules and new thermoplastic elastomers (modified plastic granules referred to as modified rubber granules) are provided for daily plastic products factories of weaving bag factories. For 26 years, thanks to the enthusiastic help and strong support of manufacturers and trade cooperation units, the washing rubber balls produced by our factory have been sold to washing and bleaching plants all over the country. Through relevant trading companies, they are sold to Southeast Asia, such as Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia, Hong Kong and Germany in Europe. Here we express our heartfelt thanks to all our supporters. Service tenet of our factory: to provide customers with the required services as far as possible, to act as agent for transportation or door-to-door delivery, and to cooperate with the win-win concept. 1. Warmly provide the required rubber balls for garment washing and bleaching plants, and can cooperate exclusively with customers in the development of rubber balls for washing and bleaching. At present, rubber balls can be divided into four categories: (1) Elastomeric balls are developed and manufactured according to the principle of quilt. It can be divided into two categories: spinous and non-spinous. It is suitable for washing shirts, T-shirts, knitted clothes, woolen clothes and super-thin clothes. It can make the surface of clothes more soft and comfortable by bouncing and rubbing, without harming clothes. It is also suitable for jeans. The sphere is durable. (2) Hard spheres are divided into two categories: spinous and non-spinous. The spheres of different specifications are mainly suitable for the snowflake type of jeans washing and rough washing and grinding of fur. The ball is durable and effective. (3) Cotton ball: suitable for the southern sky white clouds, snowflakes and so on. (4) foam ball: due to the advice and reflection from manufacturers in recent years, the biggest weakness of the bubble ball is that the surface peeling phenomenon of the ball surface affects the quality of the laundry. Therefore, our factory has developed in time a plastic ball that is internally skinned and skinned and durable, without peeling. There are two kinds of soft ball and hard ball, which are free from thorn and tiny wrinkles. 2. Sincerely provide PP regenerated granules and PE\\\\\\PO (polyethylene) granules for the daily plastic products factory (polypropylene) of the silk-drawing rope factory of the woven bag factory. 3. Warmly provide new elastomer thermoplastic granules, commonly known as modified rubber TPR, TPE (SBS, SE, BS) TPV, TPEE composite materials, suitable for sports equipment, daily necessities, automotive parts, tools, stationery, medical treatment, footwear, electronics, lighting, plastic modification, toys and so on, can be customized according to customer sample requirements, quality research and development. 4. Recycling edges, nozzles, waste plastics or processed granules for plastic products factories with enthusiasm. Welcome incoming materials to mould and process plastic products. Once again, we thank all the manufacturers for their continued support. I wish you all good health and prosperous business. Business contact number: 020-82704690 General Manager Mr. Ye: 13809282687 Business Miss Huang: 13622217092 Business Miss Ye: 13660368438 Business QQ: 2448 188082
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