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 Guangzhou Han's Department Store Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model

Guangzhou Han's Department Store Co., Ltd., located in the first brand of China's household apparel chain, is a large professional home furnishing enterprise integrating design, research and development, production, sale and service. It has established the core of the enterprise in the fields of design, marketing, information and corporate culture.

Guangzhou Han's Department Store Co., Ltd., which is composed of industry elites with many years of practical experience, is replicating the system's brand promotion planning and execution ability, quality and powerful production and logistics system, and successfully establishing many chain stores. The high quality and high price household clothing series and the complete monopoly terminal occupy the market blank quickly, creating the wealth legend of Chinese household clothing brand. Guangzhou Han's Department Store Co., Ltd. is committed to building the first brand of Chinese household clothing, the first collection platform of Chinese household dress, and the first full range product chain of Chinese household apparel.

Hans, the core brand of Guangzhou Han's Department Store Co., Ltd., "HANSI". Brand originated from Germany, is a hundred years of history, has served for the Royal brand, has a deep accumulation of German history and culture. "Hans" is designed for the pursuit of high-quality living in the international home fashion lifestyle designed by the entire family brand.

"HANSI" expresses its awareness of the quality of life and harmonious pursuit of happiness through a romantic and elegant style and a modern home culture full of fashionable taste. It conveys the idea of "loving and being loved" in a warm and romantic way of life.

"HANSI" seeks to resonate between brand value and price, and affects the ongoing consumer market with strong brand charisma.

Guangzhou Han's Department Store Co., Ltd. introduced the concept of humanized enterprise management, which is a symbiotic, inclusive and shared development between people and enterprises. It provides a comprehensive service for customers with a high efficiency, pragmatic, steady and innovative work style, and creates a win-win cause.

I. Basic Objectives

Our goal is to create a one-stop home theater costumes shopping platform with excellent products, reliable quality and comfortable shopping environment to bring high-quality life and high quality enjoyment to people. It is to create value for customers, create wealth for partners, create opportunities for employees, and create benefits for society.

Two. Human capital

We emphasize that the goal of continuously increasing human capital is prior to the goal of increasing financial capital.

Three, core technology

Our goal is to have our own design team and have unique design concepts and design styles to guide the trend of the industry.

Four, profit

In accordance with the requirements of sustainable growth of our business, we will set up a reasonable profit rate and profit target for each period instead of simply pursuing the maximization of profits.

Five, product brand

From a story, we can deduce the product's brand -- HANSI Hans, which has the German culture and the direction of internationalization. We follow the strategic rule of brand development, build a high position, avoid the impetuous and short-term consciousness of brand strategy, and carry out a series of integrated information dissemination activities to build brand and maintain the positive relationship between the brand and the public and its stakeholders. The goal is to build, consolidate, and develop brand awareness, reputation, perception and loyalty.

Six, product quality

We adhere to the rigorous style of Germany, pursue the spirit of high quality products, make our products strive for perfection, and high-quality teams display high quality products.

With strong financial strength and brand operation experience, the HANSI Hans brand operated by Han's Department Store Co., Ltd. in Guangzhou has created a new mode, new taste and new market for China's home life. Adhering to the German strict corporate spirit, the Han people are working hard to push HANSI Hans forward to the "first brand" goal.

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