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Guangzhou Huashan Garments Co., Ltd. is a children's clothing company dedicated to the healthy growth of children, and widely involved in the development and production of children's products. The full introduction of CIS, set product design, development, production and sales as an integrated brand management mode. Relying on the geographical advantages of Guangzhou adjacent to Hongkong, the company has been walking in the forefront of brand children's clothing. Not only has it built a professional production line, it has made international famous children's clothing products, but also has been engaged in children's clothing import and export trade for a long time, and has established a good relationship with overseas children's clothing brands. Since its development, the company has many well-known children's clothing brands, and has established a scientific sales system. Now it has its own independent and comprehensive sales network, and has set up hundreds of counters in various large and medium-sized cities nationwide, laying a good foundation for future development. The company adopts the most popular, highly respected and successful franchise chain operation mode in the world today, breaking the traditional brand management mode of children's clothing, and successfully creating a brand-new children's clothing brand management mode, and guided by large-scale and networked market development, so as to realize its globalization development strategy. In addition, the company also has a perfect human resource management system based on the standardized management of internationalization and standardization. We have also established an efficient and pragmatic professional marketing service team to provide customers with professional marketing services such as franchise consultation, business planning, distribution, data analysis, shop management training, merchandising training, promotion and planning, and market strategy coordination.

The "golden boy wood wear" project, with many years of industry relations, rich experience and strong financial strength, brings all the eight front-line children's clothing brands into the shops, and delivers the most fashionable, coolest, most beautiful children's clothing, shoes and caps, clothing, bags, toys and so on to hundreds of millions of children in China. To introduce and popularize the concept of advanced child education, so that Chinese children can enjoy professional and meticulous care in the process of healthy growth, and establish a correct and positive outlook on life, values and morality.

"Golden boy wood" six shops in one place, one stop shopping convenient and fast, each gold million income; low discount supply, a few yuan to sell, kill tens of thousands of money bags; thousands of styles easy to match, baby wear new clothes, a few new ideas, parents love, sales boom!

Joining the "golden boy wood suit" allows you to "get rich right away"!

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