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 Jin Fada (Fujian) shoes and Plastic Co., Ltd. Brand
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Jin Fada (Fujian) shoes and Plastic Co., Ltd. is a wholly foreign-owned enterprise. It is a large-scale sporting goods company which integrates development, production and sales. The company has registered capital of 2 million 500 thousand US dollars and has more than 3000 employees, focusing on the development and production of fashionable sports shoes and clothing products and accessories. In the development of the transcendent development, Kim FA DA has fully learned from the advanced management experience of the world, and constantly perfected himself, and built an enterprise operation mode centered on brand strategy. Footwear production is one of the six pillar industries in Quanzhou. Quanzhou's tourism shoes and sports shoes account for forty percent of the country's total. The city's annual output of more than 800000000 pairs of tourist shoes and sports shoes sell well in more than 80 countries and regions, but only more than 4000 of the more than 4000 shoe manufacturers, two production lines or more, and a handful of enterprises reaching six production lines. There are few comprehensive production enterprises, such as textile, computer embroidery, all kinds of soles and EVA foaming. The company has superior conditions and has long been in a favorable position in competition with its competitors.

In addition, the company has direct offices in Europe, North America and Africa. With a sound sales network, the company has built factories from 94 years to 2003, and has been in the wind and rain for 20 years.

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