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Paris -- the fashion capital of the world, has gathered many international fashion designers, and Jean Luc Amsler is one of the most active.
Jean Luc Amsler, which has two kinds of origins, shows her talent in fashion design during her youth. At the age of 16, he graduated from Esmod Fashion College in Nice. After graduation, he went to Turkey and other places to engage in fashion design work and then went up to Paris. In the meantime, as a student and assistant, many famous designers, such as "Lison Bonfil" and "Bonfil Shelyle" (Jean Louis Scherrer), have been guided by many famous fashion designers.
Later, many famous fashion companies, such as "Yves Saint Laurent", "Courrege", "Shelyle (Scherrer)", "Chanel (Chanel)", "Christina Dior" (Christian Dior) and so on, made him the principal designer.
In 2001, Jean Luc Amsler met with one of his important partners, Francois Jean Luc Francois, two of which were the Leo constellations. In the past two years, two people had carefully modulated a hybrid perfume called "Uivers Global", and also introduced a series of new products such as jewelry.
In the design concept of Jean Luc Amsler, he designs women as resolute, decisive women without losing the beauty of a woman, a woman who will take a deep look at you during the day or night.
China's famous brand marketing planner interprets the brand and works of Jean Luc Amsler with "confidence, nature and dazzling".
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