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Years have accumulated our lives. Diligence has created our glory.   
When the wheel of history entered the gate of twenty-first Century, fuanna ushered in another vigorous spring.
In September 1, 2002, fuanna received the unprecedented recognition and glory from the state in the Great Hall of the people of China. After years of concerted efforts, fuanna has won the title of "China famous brand" issued by the state. This is a milestone in the development of fuanna's history, and it also indicates that fuanna has grown into a healthy and maturing bedding gold brand.
Standing on the threshold of history, our fuanna people still believe that any product has a day of dynastic change, and only a brand can last for a long time. Looking back on the past, the diligent fuanna people have paid a lot of painstaking sweat to create the gold brand of Chinese national bedding. Many years of hard work have earned us a lot of fruits and won wide acclaim from consumers. When our brand is blooms on Chinese land, fuanna people are full of pride. When our brand is widely recognized by consumers, fuanna people are full of passion. With the sense of national responsibility, fuanna people trudged along the road of brand, leading the fashion trend of China's home and creating a beautiful world. Through years of practice, we have been deeply aware of the fact that the market is the only criterion for testing brand names.
On the road ahead, we, fuanna, should also cherish the feeling of "gratitude" and remember the meritorious ministers who contributed to the promotion of the "fuanna" brand. The memory of the franchisee who grew rich and shared with the brand of fuanna is that the vast number of consumers who have been caring for and loving Anne for many years only have this kind of "sentiments".
Fuanna should not only pursue higher economic benefits, but also pursue social benefits. With the development of fuanna, we should have more sense of social responsibility and historical mission to contribute more to society. History can prove everything. Looking forward to the future, fuanna will walk steadily on the front-end of China's bedding industry, go to the international market with unparalleled world quality, and push forward the Chinese bedding brand on the international stage.

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