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Chuan Shang bar is an integrated high-tech underwear product of biotechnology, textile technology, computer science and technology. It is different from the ordinary underwear. Due to the unreasonable structure and size, there will be a loss of one's mind, a tight and uncomfortable feeling, a poor circulation of blood and a dizziness, resulting in adverse consequences of body damage caused by the curve deformation. It is also different from the ordinary sectional type underwear. Cutting the fat and binding the body will cause the body to be damaged again, resulting in physical discomfort. Chuan Shang bar is a collection of medicine, ergonomics, mechanics, aesthetics and professional underwear design principles, relying on the latest technology of active functional fabrics, after precise design and tailoring, balance the upper body muscles, focus on fat, centralizes the spine, rectify the form, stabilize the lower part of the bones and muscles, at the same time regulate the body and mind, activate cells, accelerate metabolism, promote microcirculation, and eliminate toxins in the body. Chuan Shang bar insists that "what women need is help, not binding". The core concept is to pursue boneless and non binding shaping, to achieve a more comfortable, convenient and healthier long-term shaping effect, and truly realize the value of rebuilding the beautiful body of women and creating a comfortable body space. It is a model for improving the quality of life through technology.
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Addr:   Shanghai   Shanghai City   10 floor, Fengyuan building, 909 new Songjiang Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai.