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Business Model
Founded in 2002, Jiao Dian fashion trading company is the largest foreign trade clothing wholesale center in China. Company tenet: quality first, customer first, professional distribution, price best. Mainly engaged in various types of foreign trade counters brand, has a large number of foreign trade orders and manufacturers of foreign trade tail cargo. Well received by retailers and retailers all over the country. We have been supplying ONLY, VERO MODA, TEENIEWEENIE, SCAT, ETAM, BASIC HOUSE, ochirly, PORTS and other brand names and international brands in Japan and Korea for years. To provide you with a long-term stable source of supply! Tens of thousands of costumes are not restricted, unlimited color, unlimited code total only 10 pieces of mixed batch! After receiving the goods, customers can exchange colors for size without any conditions, so that you can save worry and ease in shopping.

At present, the company intends to recruit a group of wholesale sales agents or online retail agents who have certain sales ability. They can provide pictures and databases. Please login to our new website,


Wangwang jdwmpf8888

Fax / Fax: 021-63074855

Mobile phone: 13661860998

Choose our reasons:

First, there is a physical map for customer reference.

Two, credit guarantee, Alipay payment free of charge.

Three, long-term operation, stable supply of goods;

Four, from the small batch, the customer has no inventory burden.

Five, the most style, the most complete, the fastest update.

Five. Provide pictures; shoot in kind.

Six, manufacturers spot, money to the day can be shipped!
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