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Tongxiang Bangni Garment Co. Ltd. Brand
Business Model
                                                    the company has advanced production technology and standardized management system, production capacity is increasing all the time, has a staff of more than 100, the outer co unit 10 several. At present, men's and women's wool, cashmere sweater on production capacity of 2-3 million, variety, fashionable, affordable, to develop into a set design, production, sales of men and women of fine wool sweater, cashmere sweater of professional clothing company. The company began operations "Yi Siman" women's cashmere brand from 1991, specializing in the design of tailored, closely follow the world fashion trend, pay attention to the exploitation and development of the product; the company after ten years of accumulated experience and capital accumulation, founded in 2008, "Bonnie" brand, to process Seiko do fine, popular style into the international classic, with people's demand to create fashion, avant-garde, fashion, high grade clothing, fashion leading to the brand image, sustainable development "design concept and guide the trend, interpretation of fashion" and "the pursuit of high quality life" brand style; in addition, the company also specialized in OEM processing all kinds of high-grade wool sweater, cashmere sweater, T-shirt etc., become more than a well-known brands of domestic suppliers.                                
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Contact information
Contact:   Pan Zong
Addr:   Zhejiang Province  Jiaxing City  Tongxiang City, mayor of the Town Bridge Road No. 12