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Jade South Korea Women Brand
Business Model

Jade South Korea women (welcome in shop, shop franchise dealers)

1.  no initial fee, a generation of shipping, shopping is not affected by the number and amount of limitation. For you to create the most fashionable, the most fashionable products, with domestic and foreign excellent designer team, advanced production equipment and professional marketing team.
2.    there is no need to worry about the backlog of inventory, do zero risk business. Only need a computer. Can in the home shop, notify the site place an order, determine the styles, payment, delivery: sell our goods, let your peace of mind, worry, rest assured that Shuxin, concentrate on.
3.    no shipping personally, let you win valuable time, a generation of delivery.
4.    there is no need to worry about the quality of the goods, to sell all quality assurance, at the same time, we have the perfect after sale service.
5.    there is no need to worry about place an order after the delay of shipment. The whole logistics, and a full range of logistics services, allow choice.
6.    commercial novel style, rich. Monthly new 100 or more, so you always walk in the forefront of fashion.
7.    customer service hotline opened consultation, at any time to answer your questions.
          Web site:
          contact: QQ 543586392/35479939/260297404 note (clothing)
          free long distance phone: 400-687-6004
            mobile phone: 13566645342      15990268791

Main Products
Japan and South Korea women's clothing, women's clothing, women's fashion.
Contact information
Contact:   Chen Baoxin
Addr:   Zhejiang Province  Ningbo City  North Building of Zhejiang Ningbo Yinzhou District kylin tower