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Free press was first spread in USA, western area, nearly two years in the country gradually heating up. Early Tang Hua says with its is heat transfer rather hot words, mainly some popular slogan, character, later gradually developed into various patterns and vivid. With the development of economy, the progress of the society, new-new generation increasingly flaunt personality, coupled with the development of computer technology, the development of related software, these for free transfer of industries, is be a tiger with wings added. Now heat transfer products in Europe and America have been popular in forming, has become a popular leisure clothing. Easy because of its printing process is simple, the required material, economic and easy to get, and also can be widely silver in various substrates, such as knitted T-shirts, denim, plush, toys, shoes, backpacks, all kinds of nylon cap. The available heat transfer machine transfer to the cloth, can be used for the industrial, but also is convenient for civil. Heat transfer can be divided into foam pyrograph, offset transfer, osmosis pyrograph, colorful bead pyrograph, laser heat transfer, flock, reflective bronzing, gold and silver bronzing and water pyrograph etc..
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