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Business Model
Hebei province Jizhou modern glass steel mould factory was established in 2004 January, is located in the key national wetland nature reserve of Hengshui Lake - Hebei Province, Jizhou City, 106 national highway passing through, a beautiful environment, convenient transportation, favorable geographical position. Our factory in Italy to introduce production technology, engaged in sand pipe core mould, process piping core mold, mold and a core mold all tanks, production line and winding FRP pipe production line in the development and research. Has a professional technical staff from product design, raw material equipment, mold production has a complete set of scientific management and production plan. Performance of the products in various aspects has remarkable characteristics, to meet the various needs of users. My factory is a large enterprise in the production of glass steel pipeline mold as the main body, and always will be the development of science and technology and improve product quality in the first place, and constantly create new high, make our market share continue to improve, move together during the cooperation of mutual benefit, unremitting power for the customers with excellent products, win the trust of customers, to establish a good relationship of the long-term cooperation, we will be dedicated to the cooperative partners and seek common development, common pursuit of a new realm of industry and trade.
Main Products
Pipe mold, pipe mold mold cable, flange, elbow die, old mode transformation
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Contact:   Li Zong
Addr:   Hebei Province  Shijiazhuang City  Jizhou city Nanan Yangcheng small Zhai Xiang