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Shandong Jiaxiang Hing Stone carving factory is a collection of sculpture, processing, sales of large-scale sculpture enterprises, since the plant, the spirit of "people-oriented, sincere management" purposes, the product has formed ten major series, nearly a thousand varieties. Jiqing stone to the local rich celestite as main raw material, supplemented by marble, marble and other stone jade, carefully selected materials, fine workmanship, specifications, variety. Jiaxiang Jiqing stone carving factory set stone arch, railings, characters, arch arches design, production and sales in one, take lapis lazuli, white marble, marble, granite, etc.were carved jade, formed a few big commodity of Chinese and Western architectural stone carving, stone carving, animal carving ancient and modern Chinese and foreign people, modern city landscape stone carving, stone carving plate series...... Has produced thousands of pieces of stone carving art treasures for the city, square, enterprises, schools, tourist attractions, stone product sales throughout the country, widely praised by users. Shandong Jiaxiang Hing Stone carving factory is a professional production of handicrafts, has a long history of practical enterprise for many years. Our stone products more is a ring at home and abroad, is carving industry is a must. As you heard, after years of unremitting efforts, our stone carving handicrafts in every corner of the world, by the vast number of art lovers favor. Shandong Jiaxiang Hing Stone carving factory is a production and sales as one of the enterprises and the compound. Put forward practical sales skills using the network marketing and traditional marketing combined mode of our creative, the maximum degree of reduction of marketing costs, improve the occupation rate of market. After many years of operation accumulation, at present auspicious stone carving factory has become a has a number of network and store dealer type of power production enterprises. In the infinite passion for the art of stone carving, Jiqing stone carving factory of one mind, practical business model Our wills unite like a fortress. using e-commerce marketing skills of existing and traditional management idea of combining, to build the Chinese ethnic handicrafts first-line brand. QQ:14893570 Fax: 13853721859 13583729987 0537-6802468 mobile phone
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The stone arch, Jiaxiang stone carving, stone carving, stone arches, relief wall
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Contact:   Fu Guoqing
Addr:   Shandong Province  Ji'nan City  West of Jiaxiang County District Economic Development Zone