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Suzhou new long windows and doors Brand
Business Model
Suzhou new long doors and windows Co. Ltd is located in the intersection of Suzhou Binhe Road and Su Fu Lu, with "unity and hard work, the first to dare to" work spirit; relying on local resources advantage; develop the industry forefront of the aluminum wood composite, hollow, new fashion series products of single glass doors and windows. The company by virtue of the product precision structure, perfect shape and superb technology, and continuously committed to provide customers with high-quality products, relying on science, service, quality A new force suddenly rises., in a short period of time among the forefront of the industry. The product has simple and stylish streamline appearance, exquisite solid structure is your best choice. Companies strive to build industry first-class brand, implementation of the European standard, the fusion of oriental aesthetics, pay attention to every detail, matching the world first-class hardware, to ensure the excellent quality products; we offer a five year warranty, the period of use of the maintenance of intimate service. Customer demand is the new long windows all staff eternal power. Main products: Suzhou doors and windows; Suzhou sun room; Suzhou Suzhou Zhuoli windows and doors; sliding doors; Suzhou frameless balcony; Suzhou hollow partition door folding door; Suzhou; Suzhou shower room; Suzhou bridge insulation doors and windows; Suzhou villa sun room; Suzhou hanging rail folding door; Suzhou electric shutter hollow sliding door; Suzhou; Suzhou stainless steel glass door the anti-theft window; Suzhou; Suzhou Suzhou induction door; aluminum alloy doors and windows; Suzhou new long doors and windows; Zhuoli Suzhou aluminum wood composite doors and windows;
Main Products
Suzhou frameless balcony, Suzhou heat insulation break bridge, Suzhou Suzhou folding doors, electric shutter, Suzhou aluminum wood composite
Contact information
Contact:   Wang Zheng
Addr:   Jiangsu Province  Nanjing City  Suzhou Binhe Road (with Su Fulu intersection) far Jinwu Furniture Plaza 4 Building No. 16 South