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Jiangsu province Taizhou purification equipment factory, located in the nationally renowned for its navy was born -- the white horse town, is a production and sales of water treatment equipment, organic chemical products desalting salt special equipment, water treatment equipment, water treatment parts, water treatment filler and anti-corrosion products Integrated Company. After decades of development to go, now form a service system from product development, production, operating personnel technical training series. Industrial water treatment equipment of various specifications of production cooperation with various research and Design Institute of. Products throughout the country. Development of reverse osmosis device production, the use of advanced American low-pressure composite membrane and super large low-pressure composite membrane two (work pressure were: 1.5Mpa1.05Mpa). Can remove 97%--99% in water soluble minerals, salt, and can remove the bacteria in the water, filtration venereal bacteria toxicity, pyrogen. Electrodialysis device development with easy operation and repair, less environmental pollution until the advantages. TJ series multi effect distilled water machine and adopting new material 316L in the domestic and international, the domestic high-quality 1CR18NI9TI stainless steel and the baffle, heat source, in addition to screen bipolar, condenser heat disposal of the most advanced technology unique. Steel rubber lined ion production exchange device adopts the high quality carbon steel for shell, lined with high quality natural rubber, equipped with double disc type water distributor advanced, regeneration technology for no pressure on the top of a counter current regeneration method, convenient and rapid, the injector matched, only concentrated sulfuric acid, concentrated alkali to regenerate, without a lot of preparation of acid and alkali. Also developed the TJ small pure water equipment, injector, series of hollow fiber ultrafiltration device, cellular line bypass the filter products. In addition to anti-corrosion products: organic glass sheet, organic glass tube, organic glass rod, organic glass Hydrophore, organic glass mirror three, organic glass polypropylene catalyst packing operation box, organic glass pipette, organic glass pipette holder, organic glass ceiling Guan Chongxi placed in a box, organic glass, organic glass funnel (water, oil) sampler, organic glass container fumigation, disinfection of gastroscope washing tank, organic glass anti-corrosion (acid) pressure gauge base, organic glass batteries (battery) measurement device, adding acid ABS (UPVC) pipe fittings valve, experiment platform, ventilation cabinet (cabinet), organic glass PVC special shaped stainless steel anti-corrosion parts processing. Web site:
Main Products
The reverse osmosis device, acid-base ejector, jet injector, desulfurization, self suction jet
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Contact:   Li Hailin
Addr:   Jiangsu Province  Nanjing City  High port area of Taizhou City White Town Industrial Park