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At the end of 2013, Guangzhou Qindu shelf Co., Ltd., combined with the fast fashion fashion brands such as Muji, HM, UNIQLO, represented the decoration style, developed the miniso brand products, and immediately got the recognition of the market. However, in all the commercial centers, there were miniso products. Miniso products are centered on display products. There are no spare parts and accessories that are too expensive to decorate. All of them are based on convenient installation, time based and economy based. Miniso, a product of a good quality product, takes a 200 square meter store as an account. The installation time can only be completed in 1 days. This is impossible for any shelf in the past, and the cost is only 50% of the traditional shelf cost. But any store can't be square, so every shop will have custom made containers. A lot of time, customized shelves, not only high cost, the most headache for investors, is the construction period, now the rents are so expensive, open a day early, one day to collect money, if there are competitors, one day business, not only money is so simple, win the day, win the whole situation.

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KM clothing shelves, KM men's goods shelves, men's shelves, women's clothing shelves, famous brand goods shelves, 10 yuan superior shelf
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