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Wenzhou Bo Kang daily necessities Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model
Founded in 2002, is a professional production of class=lh15>  series of health care shoe manufacturers, the company in good faith, respect, innovative management concept to strengthen internal management focus on product quality, continuous improvement of product features, development and production of   series of green environmental protection and health functions of the foot odor, massage, care, health.
    Zhuang Cheng shoe pad with materials, fine workmanship, style and diverse, full-featured, beautiful packaging, the price is suitable for unique products, products sold throughout the country, and exported to Canada, Taiwan and other regions, by the vast number of consumers trust and love.

Main Products
Contact information
Contact:   Wang Zixia  
Addr:       Wenzhou. China shoe industrial garden is Ao Industrial Zone No. 5 lane 30