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  Chaozhou Tianfeng Machinery Factory is a professional engaged in the development, research and production of shoe-making machinery, at present nearly ten years of history, in terms of technology and quality have solid, good foundation.
I plant the production of products to save energy consumption, high quality, high performance, environmental protection, environmental protection, throughout the country, exported to Southeast Asia, India and Africa and other countries and regions, by the vast number of customers at home and abroad. I plant the production of
, the main business scope is as follows:
1. automatic horizontal / vertical single disc, double, three color plastic soles, shoe injection molding machine;
2 new technology new product -- TF120 small precision injection molding machine;
3. plastic crusher, mixer / mixing machine, pressing machine, paste, paste for automatic drying machine production line, assembly line;
4. barrel material processing and manufacturing rod, gear, precision machinery parts; copper casting, aluminum casting, iron castings, steel castings and so on;
5. all kinds of shoes accessories, seal / seal, electrical accessories, electronic components, oil pump, oil motor, hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic hose, high pressure tubing and pipe head manufacture and so on.
I plant in recent years has also diversified into various types of plastic footwear (EVA, PVC, TPR...) The design and production of shoes, sandals, slippers, crystal shoes. We have a large number of shoe sample design, the design is novel, the shape is beautiful, the customer approval.
sincerely welcome your presence and letter calls, we will be quality products, sincere service return your choice.

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