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 Zhongshan Huating dress Brand
Business Model

Zhongshan Hua Ding clothing is in line with the business philosophy of "innovation, professionalism, efficiency, quality, and brand". Its products are complete in specifications, diverse in color and reliable in quality, and has been recognized by many customers. The company's products are divided into ribbons and flower Tsai.

Ribbon: 1. Ribbon series (one side, two sides).

A nylon ribbon; B light polyester ribbon; C gold and silver ribbon; two, matte polyester ribbon (single side, double-sided) three, ribbon (Xue Sha) series.

A fine side snow yarn; B broadside snow yarn; C Phnom Penh snow yarn; D jacquard snow yarn; four, rib belt five, onion belt series.

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Addr:        Dongming North Road, port town, Zhongshan, Guangdong