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Taizhou longhui Textile Co., Ltd. is a professional flax ramie fabric weaving factory built in Harbin Changsheng hemp industry in Shanghai and Hangzhou Jiangsu Taizhou high tech Zone Venture Capital Park, 50 million. It has the right of self import and export. Harbin Changsheng hemp industry is one of the earliest manufacturers engaged in weaving and producing flax ramie fabrics in China. It has rich experience and comprehensive technology. In order to serve the whole country and close to the market, Harbin Changsheng hemp industry is now directly building factories in the Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces or part of the enterprises.
From linen fabric to dyed printing and washing, it is one of the most competitive manufacturers of linen fabric production and supply. It produces 1 million 200 thousand meters of linen and ramie fabrics every month. The main products are linen, linen, linen, linen, linen, cotton, linen, cotton, linen, cotton, elastic, linen, fabric, linen, canvas, linen, linen, linen, color, coating, bronzing, linen, jacquard, linen, water, linen, linen, tenon, flax, linen, linen and cotton.
Sticky linen, flax, cotton linen blended, linen spun silk and so on.
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Contact:   Mr. Wang Limin
Addr:        Taizhou, Jiangsu, China Shaoxing Doumen West Lake garden 2-3-305