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Zhengzhou Jim cotton jersey apparel has developed a scientific sales model integrating domestic sales with export sales. Its products have been formed in high, medium and low prices and are suitable for different prices in all walks of life. Use computer color separation, automatic plate making system, scraper, cool clothing magnet bar printing production line, clean cotton dress, use air dye, equipped with advanced finishing equipment, product texture is soft, bright color, printing surface is smooth, high color fastness, cultural shirt style cool clothing T-shirts color, the quality of the advertising shirt can be customized according to the requirements of the guests! Zhengzhou advertising tailor / graduation shirt design / Anniversary T-shirt / blank shirt production / Henan cotton Lapel POLO Shirt Custom / class clothing design / Zhengzhou culture...
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Contact:   Hu Zhiqiang
Addr:        Jinshui District passes three road Nong Ke Road intersection to the west 50 meters Jincheng International Business 5-513