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Shandong Lutai Traffic Safety Equipment Co., Ltd. Brand
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Shandong Lutai Traffic Safety Equipment Co., Ltd. has won the unanimous praise of experts in the industry for its excellent quality, reasonable price and good service. Traffic equipment has been widely used in urban traffic backbone systems all over the country. Our company's products are divided into: traffic safety facilities, parking facilities, fire fighting equipment, reflective materials products, and ground treatment projects. Our company is a set of design, sales, installation, construction as one of the professional units. 1. Traffic facilities products: plastic products (three-hole water horse, isolation pier, anti-collision bucket, water horse fence, etc.), road cone (cone, square vertebra, rubber road cone, plastic road cone, police incoming road cone, new road cone, etc.), fence (water-flooding fence, municipal construction fence, road fence, etc.), solar lamps (solar arrow lamp, solar rotary lamp, construction flash, sun, etc.). Yellow flashlights, solar traffic signs, roadblock lights, solar warning pillars, solar construction vehicles, signal lights, plum lanterns, stroboscopic lights, LED batons, warning triangles, stop signs, etc.), anti-glare panels, outline signs, 100 meters, wheel locks, preformed marking strips, FRP police, outline signs, road markings (hot melt marking line), rubber blind track panels, etc. 2. Parking facilities products: speed reducer (rubber speed reducer, cast steel speed reducer, slot speed reducer, etc.), reflector (wide angle mirror), iron column (fixed column, movable column, etc.), isolation guardrail, one meter line guardrail (bank column), bicycle rack (bicycle parking rack, bicycle storage rack), track brake, parking lock (O-type parking lock, K-type parking lock, remote control car Locks, T-type parking locks, positioners (rubber, cast steel, etc.), guard corner (right-angle guard corner, round corner guard corner, etc.), nails (cast aluminium nails, plastic nails, etc.), column outline mark, elastic column (flexible column, flexible warning column, herringbone, warning chain, guardrail belt, guard Pavilion (stainless steel pavilion, toll pavilion, glass pavilion, metal pavilion, etc.) Carved granite pavilion, aluminium plastic plate pavilion, art pavilion, color steel plate pavilion, etc.), parking space marking, chain rod, cast iron pier chain rod, electric folding door, environmental sanitation garbage can, military police, security special post, intelligent parking lot management system, anti-collision facilities (anti-collision bar, anti-collision block, parking space marking (cold coating line), etc. 3. Reflective series products: reflective film (3M reflective film, Tongming reflective film, Shengshida reflective film, etc.), all levels of luminous film, body sticker (Tongming body sticker, Dooming body sticker, 3M body sticker, etc.), reflective vest, orange belt, placard, reflective sign plate, triangular warning frame, etc. 4. Fire equipment products: fire extinguishers, emergency lights, fire extinguisher boxes, fire hoses, smoke sensors, fire ground stickers, fire wall stickers, sprinkler heads, various warning signs stickers, etc. 5. Ground treatment: cement treatment agent, ground treatment agent, ground hardening agent, concrete curing agent, cement ground ash treatment agent, terrazzo ground concrete curing agent, diamond ground concrete curing agent, cement ground concrete curing agent, cement ground sand repair agent, epoxy resin ground, diamond ground, terrazzo ground, etc.
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Contact:   Wang Ying
Addr:       Wanxing International Hardware City, Chengyang District, Qingdao, Shandong Province