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Gastrodia elata planting technology Gastrodia elata efficacy Gastrodia elata strains Picture Gastrodia elata medicinal herb Gastrodia elata high price recovery Gastrodia elata Tianbao 4, a new variety of Gastrodia elata, has been studied and cultivated for more than ten years in our breeding farm. Tianbao 4, a rare medicinal herb, has been introduced. Its growth cycle has been shortened to 100 days. Its nickname is Tomorrow Hemp, Dingfengcao and Huilong Seed. It is an orchid plant with tuber as medicine. Its whole body is a treasure and has the function of restoring wind and alleviating spasm. Mainly treats rheumatic leg and knee pain, limb numbness, dizziness and headache, children's epilepsy and other symptoms. The relationship between Gastrodia elata and Armillaria mellea: Gastrodia elata is rootless and leafless without photosynthesis. Nor does it absorb nutrients in the soil, grow and reproduce in the underground with tubers perennially, and rely on Armillaria mellea to absorb nutrients from wood for its growth. Details can be found in the complete set of planting techniques and processing information. Gastrodia elata growth habits: Gastrodia elata is a fungus parasitic plant. It can grow into a finished product in three months and can be harvested. It can withstand low temperature of minus 33 degrees. Armillaria mellea parasitizes on wood. Wood or sawdust or leaves belonging to broad-leaved tree species can be used as fungus material for cultivating Armillaria mellea, except poplar, sophora, mulberry and other pine and cypress trees. Indoor pond box cultivation: As long as you have a square meter of space, balcony courtyard can be used, brick pond or wooden board nail box can be used, please fill in soil, sand, sawdust can be planted according to the requirements of technical information. As long as there are hemp seeds in different areas, they can be planted in all seasons. The method is simple and easy to do, and the yield is slightly higher than that of field planting. It can be planted under any conditions as long as there are hemp seeds. The advantages of indoor cultivation of Gastrodia elata are as follows: 1. High yield, some spare space can be used, land can be saved, and temperature can be controlled artificially. 2. It is convenient to harvest and manage, and it is not affected by the outside world. Field cultivation can also be controlled manually by covering film or shading according to temperature. Plastic bag cultivation method: choosing crushed corn straw, rice straw or leaf cotton seed hull, sawdust, sand and soil to prepare nutrients into bags according to data. In order to develop these resources, our company can receive more commercial hemp. Now we specially supply "Tianbao No. 4" varieties, 220 yuan per box of Armillaria mellea and a complete set of high-tech cultivation techniques. The recovered product is insured at 360 yuan per kilogram. The best planting period is 2-7,9-12 months. Another set of VCD teaching CD for cultivation technology is 48 yuan.
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