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Beijing Landehua Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Xinjiang Branch Brand
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Landehua Xinjiang Company is a professional patrol inspection product manufacturer in Xinjiang, with first-class after-sales service and five-year product quality assurance. It is located in Room 2603, Block B, Yingke Building, High-tech Zone. Contact person: Chen Li. Contact telephone: 18999261985 Beijing Landehua Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 1999. It is a subsidiary company of LANDWELL (Landehua) Holdings Co., Ltd. It has seven years of professional electronic patrol inspection, research and development, production history. Continuously pioneering and innovating to launch high-quality intelligent patrol products with independent intellectual property rights to the market, and with its good performance and brand praise, it has won the honorary title of "honest enterprise" awarded by Beijing Bureau of Industry and Commerce for many years. It is strongly supported by relevant government departments. Its products were listed in the National Key Promotion Plan in 2003, as China's security and defense excellent. Xiu Brand participated in drafting the industry standard of "Technical Requirements for China Electronic Patrol System" in 2006. As a representative enterprise in the field of automatic identification technology and a member of the Board of Directors of China Security Association, it has obtained many patents, many certifications and related qualifications, such as chemical industry, public security, high-tech enterprises, CE, China's industry and Commerce trustworthy enterprises, etc. In the process of strictly implementing IS9001 management system, its products also have a high brand awareness and reputation in various industries. The company has always adhered to the business philosophy of "credibility, speed, innovation, service, sharing, value", and in accordance with the four-in-one business model of "R&D, production, sales and after-sales service", it has brought great benefits and guarantees to agents, distributors and end users, and truly served the majority of users sincerely and enthusiastically. With the growing maturity of China's security market, as a steadily developing high-tech company in the industry, with its strong technical strength, excellent quality assurance and good reputation in the industry, her patrol inspection system has been on the rise in the sales of various industries. It is the designated brand of many built and under-construction projects. While constantly introducing new products, it is also in order to be better convinced. In 2003, we opened 8008101903 toll-free after-sales service telephone. In 2004, we began to implement five-year quality assurance for the products sold and the service purpose of national joint insurance. At the same time, we established the first National Institute of automatic identification and data acquisition in China. In Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shenyang, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Yantai, Chengdu, Xi'an and Xinjiang, we set up branches one after another. It has established a good sales network and a perfect service system for the service purpose of 5-year quality assurance and national joint insurance.
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Contact:   jay leyda
Addr:       Room 12, Floor 16, F Building, Baixin Diamond Court, 28 Beijing South Road, Urumqi New City, Xinjiang