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The company is well-known in the market of printing, printing, printing and printing. Flat plate. Roller. Direct jet. Digital printing complete solution and pre-sale training, sales technical guidance, after-sales technical tracking service, with long-term cooperation as the premise. Dongguan -- digital printing technology will lead you into a new era of personalized printing and processing. At present, the company has established a long-term and stable cooperative relationship with many retailers and manufacturers. Dongguan Yiyuan digital printing has strong strength, pays attention to credit, abides by the contract, guarantees the product quality, and wins the trust of customers with the principle of multi variety business characteristics and small profit and high sales. The company's digital printing processing scope: printing processing: digital printing processing, clothing printing processing, clothing printing processing, sportswear printing processing, luggage printing processing, transfer printing processing, wallet printing processing, sweater printing processing. (10) printed fabrics, such as printed down clothes, bedclothes, bedclothes, bedclothes, bedding, etc (printing of handbags, bags and other materials) automobile decoration products: (cushion, car seat cover, car curtain, car cover, etc.); polyester printed fabrics such as non-woven fabric, photo, craft painting, flag hanging, kite fabric, glasses cloth and other polyester printed fabrics outdoor leisure products: (sunshade, rain umbrella, sunshade, beach chair, tent, etc.); customized advertising shirt: advertising shirt, cultural shirt, class clothes Advertising gifts: advertising mouse pad, advertising T-shirt, personalized cloth slippers, cup mat, bar mat, curtain hanging picture, flag, advertising cap, etc. our printing technology advantages: 1. Fast production speed, shorten the work and production cycle; 2. Free creativity to meet the personalized needs of fashion; 3. Rich colors, clear and realistic images, no hand feeling; 4. Unlimited number of colors; unlimited copy length; 5. Environmental protection, pollution reduction, good hand feeling and full ventilation; according to different requirements and patterns Make specifications.
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Contact:   Tian Hua
Addr:        2 / F, building a, Houda Industrial Zone, Xintang Road, Houjie Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China