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Guilin top ten brand wedding photography studio [Guilin Venus wedding photography] Guilin brand wedding photography, Guilin fashion wedding photography, Guilin outdoor scene wedding photography

Guilin Venus photography Co., Ltd. in 1993 by the famous Taiwan photographer Lin Guilin the best wedding photography added Fu, this famous wedding photography brand
The introduction of Guilin has become the earliest and most fashionable wedding photography brand in Guilin.
Over the past ten years, Venus has been ranked first in Guilin's wedding dress industry with its good reputation and reputation, the most advanced equipment and technology, and solid artistic creation skills, serving tens of thousands of couples.
Venus constantly self-improvement and technology update, in the increasingly fierce competition in the market environment, to meet the difficulties, the introduction of advanced technology and management mechanism, Venus wedding photography to a higher level.
In order to realize the dream of high-quality photography created by the director of Hainan Guangya in 2006, Wang Guangya, the director general of photography in Paris, made great efforts to realize the dream of high-quality photography With the efforts of general manager Wang Baohong and other directors, the studio was established in Sanya,

Venus wedding dress series ¥ 3999

[clothing supply] four sets of wedding dresses are provided, and the bridegroom matches with the bride's clothes

Make up for four times

[shooting scene] three sets of interior scenes and one set of exterior scenes

[shooting time] 1 day (except rainy days)

[finished products]

Three pieces of Taiwan's top quality photo album, 36 pieces in the album (refined)

One 15x15 album and one 10x10 album

30 inch digital art photo album 10p

20 inch digital art photo album 10p

36 inch oil painting frame 36 inch fashion classic
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Contact:   Ms. Zhao
Addr:        1 Jiefang East Road, Guilin City, Gongcheng Yao Autonomous County, Guangxi, China