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Company profile: Yiyuan Industrial Co., Ltd. specializes in Mimaki, Mutoh, Roland digital printing machine sales service providers. Sublimation transfer import ink (Wan Linglong, Korea Inktec, domestic Print-Rite, Taiwan); sublimation transfer paper (Han Song paper, homemade paper, all the best paper, etc.) is popular in the market, with complete varieties and reasonable price. Flat panel. Drum. Direct injection. Digital printing complete solution and pre factory training, sales technical guidance, after sale technology tracking service, with long-term cooperation as the precondition. We will strive to create a one-stop shopping base for all Dongguan printing equipment sales, production and processing, "technology leads life, and personality opens up for you." -- Dongguan art leads you into a completely new era of zero pollution digital printing. At present, the company has established a long-term and stable cooperative relationship with many retailers and manufacturers. Dongguan Yiyuan digital printing is strong in strength, emphasizing credit, keeping contracts and ensuring product quality. It has won the trust of many customers with the principles of multi variety management and small profits and quick turnover. Our company's digital printing process ranges from printing to printing: digital printing, garment printing, garment printing, sportswear printing, bag printing, transfer printing, purse printing, sweater printing. 服装面料印花类:(成衣印花、T恤印花、广告衫、工作服、时装、泳衣、泳裤、沙滩裤、运动服、自行车服); 纺织品印花类:(窗帘布、窗纱、纱发布、台布、浴帘及睡袋、羽绒被褥羽绒制品、靠垫、地垫、枕套、床单床垫、床罩等床上用品); 箱包印花类:(手袋,箱包等材料印花) 汽车装饰用品:(靠垫、汽车座套、汽车窗帘、车罩等);无纺布、写真照片、工艺画、挂旗、风筝面料、眼镜布等涤纶印花面料 户外休闲用品:(遮阳伞、雨伞、遮阳蓬、沙滩椅、帐篷等); 广告衫定做:广告衫,文化衫,班服,球服,赛车服,团队服加工; 广告礼品类:广告鼠标垫、广告T恤、个性布面拖鞋、杯垫、吧垫、窗帘挂画、旗子、广告帽等。 The advantages of our printing technology are as follows: 1, fast production speed, shortened work and production cycle, 2, free creativity, personalized demand, 3, rich color, vivid and lifelike images, no hand feeling, unlimited 4 and color, no restriction on copying length, 5, green environmental protection, low pollution, good handle and full air permeability, and can be customized according to different requirements, patterns, materials and specifications.
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Contact:   Tian Hua
Addr:        Dongguan, Guangdong, China. Guangdong, Dongguan, Houjie Town, Dongguan, China. 2 A building, Xintang Industrial Zone