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Foshan Rui Rong Knitting Co., Ltd. Brand
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Rui Rong Knitting Co., Ltd. was founded in 1993, is located in the "Chinese knitting town" - Zhangcha Town, Foshan City, the company after ten years of continuous reform and innovation, has the talent of textile management technology more advanced knitting, more than 100 sets of equipment, professional production of various kinds of computer jacquard cloth, jacquard cloth, really free transverse rib roar the whole system,.TC, CVC; cotton, pure polyester, single-sided, double-sided cloth, rib series, in order to meet the majority of well-known clothing enterprises to cope with international environmental standards, the special organization of professional and technical backbone, continue to study the development of new fabrics, such as: Tencel fabric series, bamboo fiber, Tencel fabric plant fiber, fabric series, new varieties of wicking fabric series, to meet the production needs of various well-known garment enterprises, improve market competitiveness. .... Our company always adhere to the "market-oriented, in good faith for the purpose to serve the majority of well-known garment enterprises, through the efforts of the company staff in Hongkong Yonglian Garment Group awarded the company" Hongkong Yong Lian Group 2006 outstanding cooperative unit "award, we must constantly strive to learn new knitted fabrics and pioneering more the service in the famous garment enterprises, create business opportunities.
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Contact:   Xiediwen
Addr:       Workshop No. 43, Xingye Road, No. 43, Xingye Road, Shang Lang sixth Development Zone, Zhangcha, Foshan, Guangdong