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British Todd & Duncan (Todd Duncan) Co. Ltd. is located in the beautiful Scotland Lake Levin, founded in 1867, has a history of more than 140 years. At the end of nineteenth Century, successfully invented the world's first cashmere carding machine, has become the world's first cashmere yarn production enterprises, and created the modern cashmere industry. Todd & Duncan Colourist of Cashmere (known as the magician of color) said, the cumulative color up to thousands, and can keep the clothes soft and bright color, timeless, able to meet the most demanding requirements for the most discerning designer, this is entirely due to the blending of the most advanced technology and unique traditional color matching technology, so that other peers can offer color, and lead the world trend. The extraordinary achievement to fame spread like wildfire, Todd & Duncan cashmere yarn, favored by the British royal family, Queen and former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was attracted to the Todd & Duncan company to visit, and long-term use of the products of custom clothing. The world's top fashion brands, such as Prada (Prada), Louis Vuitton (Luis Weedon), Gucci (Gucci), Christian Dior (Dior), Burberry (Burberry), Givenchy (Givenchy), Hermes (Hermes), Todd & Duncan yarn. At the same time, Todd & Duncan also set up a design laboratory to support the design of cashmere with new and old designers around the world! In collaboration with the famous clothing Institute, it is a great effort to cultivate and support talented clothing designers and encourage them to continue to innovate in the field of cashmere products. Todd & Duncan, by William Todd & James Duncan established in Scotland in 1867. The original factory in Zuckerman carat South County Alva area, in Los spinning factory in 1897 acquired the picturesque lake levin. The Alva factory was destroyed in the fire in 1906, and the whole business was transferred to the golden loth area. In 1946, young entrepreneur Alan and Smith entered the family business. He believed that the future of the company lies in the field of high value-added knitting yarn, rather than traditional textiles. He began to use fine lamb wool and realized the market potential of unique, high quality single layer cashmere yarns. Since then, Todd & Duncan has grown rapidly to become the largest and best producer of cashmere yarn in the world. A lot of investment has been used to introduce new technologies and equipment to improve production performance, efficiency, natural fiber twist and Scotland's textile professional standards. Todd & Duncan company and Joseph Dawson company shared the inheritance process at the end of nineteenth Century, invented the world's first cashmere carding machine, and created the modern cashmere industry. In the most famous sweater industry, Todd & Duncan is a recognized leader in producing high quality cashmere yarn, yarn and stick to refine and develop different texture and color, meet the changing pace of fashion.
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