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Tianjin syndicate mining machinery plant is a professional manufacturer of environmental protection complete sets of equipment. It is mainly engaged in the production, design and manufacture of waste comprehensive separation, waste electronic crushing, high pressure molding, organic waste composting fermentation, organic fertilizer complete equipment, waste s gas treatment, air purification and deodorization equipment, and has many invention patents. The following are some successful cases: 1. comprehensive utilization of municipal solid waste resources (1) and Guangzhou Huadu municipal solid waste disposal project. (2), Guangdong Meijie sanitation comprehensive treatment plant project. (3), Japan SANIX waste plastic waste treatment line. 2. organic fertilizer granulator complete equipment (1), Malay Yi Sheng organic fertilizer Co., Ltd. particulate organic fertilizer project. (2), Malaysia Quan Yu granular organic fertilizer project. (3), Shandong Gaomi big Zhuang organic fertilizer Co., Ltd. granular organic fertilizer project. (4), there are more than 140 production lines in more than 20 provinces and cities in the country and Malaysia, Japan and North Korea. 3. high pressure molding production line (1), Henan Xinghua Chemical Plant activated carbon high pressure molding production line. (2), Henan Puyang thermal power plant briquette production line. Gao (3), Inner Mongolia Xinxing bentonite Co., Ltd. high pressure molding production line. 4. comprehensive utilization project of organic waste resources (1), 260 tons / day composting aerobic fermentation treatment project of Guangzhou green by organic waste Co., Ltd. (2), Tianjin Tonghui group aerobic composting fermentation treatment project. (3), Jiangxi Xingguo aerobic composting fermentation treatment project. 5. deodorization engineering performance (1), Guangdong Shunde North cellar refuse treatment plant deodorization engineering. (2), Henan Xinxiang Wan min organic fertilizer Co., Ltd. long 23m3 wide 8m3 high 3M biological deodorizing filter. (3), Tianjin TEDA environmental protection Wuqing garbage treatment plant deodorization engineering. 6. waste electrical and electronic processing production line (1), Guangzhou Panyu green waste disposal Co., Ltd. discarded electrical and electronic processing production line. 7. organic waste compacted block equipment (1), Jiangxi Bang fertilizer Co., Ltd. organic waste compaction production line. Machine, bucket elevator, belt conveyor, cooling screen, drier, vibration grinder, double shaft mixer, composting fermentation, dumping machine, waste gas treatment, odor treatment, biological deodorizer, biological deodorizing filter, roller screen, municipal solid waste treatment equipment, garbage disposal, environmental protection equipment, heavy crushing, garbage separation, waste electrical screening, waste electrical and electronic equipment crushing, battery crushing, baling press, briquetting machine web site: telephone: 022-26743215 Zhang Miss company: Tianjin syndicate mining machinery plant address: Tianjin Jinggang highway entrance organic fertilizer production line, organic fertilizer granulating molding equipment, high pressure molding, molding equipment, granulating equipment, bio organic fertilizer, mixer, extruding granulation.
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Contact:   Miss Zhang
Addr:        Tianjin Jinnan Tianjin Jinggang highway entrance of long Shen Expressway