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 Luo Han Liang Brand
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Line cable sleeve, paint and waterproof material, distribution box copper wire ear, iron wire groove, wire rope, cable bridge, etc., plastic pipe series, GENUIN exhaust fan, deep treasure electric meter, electronic watch, universal meter, clamp meter, oxygen tube, double color tube, oxygen meter, acetylene watch, T4.T5 three color and other color lamp tubes, Fenjiang lighting, enterprise lighting, all kinds of MGE air switch leakage switch, Chai electrical appliance socket, TCL series, Matsumoto series, BOSCH electric tools, Hans Weis tools, nylon tie band, aluminum ladder, yellow wax pipe, universal angle iron, color bar cloth, welding rod welder and all kinds of hardware building materials...... main business: Jinlong Yu, Cheng Tiantai and other cables.
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Contact:   Luo Han Liang
Addr:        Shenzhen, Guangdong, China, Guangdong, Shenzhen, Buji, Longhua.