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 Yantai Bai Ming Jian Textile Technology Co., Ltd. Brand
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Yantai Bai Ming Jian Textile Technology Co., Ltd. is a hi-tech joint-stock company integrating research, development, production and sales. With the marketing concept of "promoting health and benefiting the society", the company adheres to the tenet of "ten thousand people healthy and happy". The company has a professional technical and technological R & D personnel of the technical team, the company's R & D and production of all products have independent intellectual property rights. Bai Ming Jian sleeping bedding is now the governing unit of the Chinese medicine and Health Association and is recommended as the designated product. In June 2008, Yantai BM Ming Textile Technology Co., Ltd. was evaluated by the China market quality supervision committee as "national standard high quality product", "quality assured consumer first choice brand" and "national authoritative inspection quality qualified product".
The company mainly develops bionic geomagnetic physiotherapy mattress, magnetic therapy health mattress, daily body protection small series and so on. Make full use of the environment of sleep to promote blood circulation, improve blood supply insufficiency, activate cells, relieve inflammation and relieve pain, relieve muscle tension, make sleep comfortable and eliminate fatigue, improve sub-health diseases, and enable people to get healthy during sleep.
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Contact:   Li Yi Min
Addr:        Yantai Cyberport building 1406