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 Longkou Donglai Haohao gift agency Brand
Business Model
Longkou Donglai good gift agency is a professional gift company integrating planning, design, production and production. The company mainly produces and sells all kinds of promotional gifts, advertising gifts, business gifts, conference gifts, commemorative prizes, celebration gifts and other new, strange and special gifts. Among them, the company can set up a number of industrial enterprises with free logo printing.
The company takes the good faith as the foundation, takes the high and new technology development as the idea, has been walking in the gift development front line, and positively innovates. In terms of customer service, we have organized a strong sales and transportation network. Through the unremitting efforts of all employees, the company has been recognized by many well-known domestic enterprises.
The company is based on Shandong, operating the country, global vision, with the best quality, rapid delivery, maintain the principle of high competition to provide you with the most perfect service.
In the modern society with increasingly fierce market competition and rapid information exchange, when the customers of business gifts are still confused about how to give, choose and search for the most representative and novel gifts, the new century gift company will provide you with the products you want or designed and made according to your concept, with the highest integrity The sales concept of serving new and old customers.
Longkou Donglai good gift agency --- your gift housekeeper. Our housekeeper's duty --- to help you formulate, help you to select, to recommend, to serve you!
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Contact:   Hao guining
Addr:        Longzu Fengjing 14-32, Gangcheng Avenue, Huangcheng, Longkou, Shandong, China