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Our company is a private enterprise established in 2001. The main products are: special thread for shoes, hot-melt adhesive tape (V8 socket glue), low-temperature hot-melt film, non-woven hot-melt film, front upper glue, middle upper glue and a series of thermosol shoe materials. With the support of customers, the company has been developed and improved. Under the changing functional requirements of the market, the company introduced Into the waterproof hot melt adhesive series production line, the company's products are divided into three categories: machinery, stickers, waterproof materials. The mechanical category includes hot gas sealing machine, air pressure waterproof testing machine, zipper waterproof machine, plane waterproof testing machine and other waterproof related mechanical equipment. The adhesive strip category includes all kinds of waterproof stickers and waterproof materials used in shoe industry, clothing, sports equipment, outdoor products, etc Our company has advanced production equipment and professional technical service team to provide high-quality service for the majority of new and old customers. Welcome to contact us
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Contact:   Liu Tong
Addr:        Xiahui village, Hongmei Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China