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Our company is located in Shengze, Wujiang, China. Shengze is located in the southernmost tip of Wujiang, and is famous for its "sunrise, silk and clothing". Shengze is a famous "silk town". Silk production has a long history. In Ming and Qing Dynasties, Suzhou, Hangzhou and Huzhou were also called the four largest silk cities in China. The company relies on the strong textile base advantages of China's first cloth market. The former and the finishing factories have been certified by ISO9000 and ISO14000. In the early stage of the production, processing and marketing of high quality clothing and outdoor sportswear fabrics, the factory director is selected as the target, and the characteristics of the textile fabrics are fully excavated, so that the products of the company can be updated, diversified, and functionalized. The company is committed to providing long-term high-quality raw material protection for domestic and foreign textile merchants with the best quality and perfect service system. 90% of the fabrics produced by the company enter the US, Japan and South Korea market, and the technical specifications of the products reach the standards of SGS, ITS and other international certification bodies. 苏纺公司一贯视产品的质量为企业的生命,不断的开发新产品,以突出本公司的整体优势,自成立以来一直狠抓质量标准,从纺织源头原料抓起,严格落实每一道生产工艺,确保产品出厂即是合格产品公司特色产品:1.户外运动功能面料(春亚纺,塔丝隆,尼丝纺,桃皮绒,牛津布,锦涤纺、牛津布)2.休闲品牌时装面料(记忆面料,金属导电丝面料,涤棉,锦棉布,棉锦绸,涤锦棉)   多元化的后整理加工:环保染色,泼水,特氟隆,绣花,植绒,激光钻孔,油面压光,压花,水洗,复合,色胶涂层、烫金,烫银,磨毛,压皱,PVC压延,印花,P/A,P/U透明胶,白胶加工,高耐水压皮膜,超声波覆棉、干湿法透气透湿胶,T/PU透气膜。 Main uses: brand clothing, functional outdoor sportswear, racing suit, fashion, down coat, raincoat, jacket, sportswear, casual wear, bags, etc.
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Contact:   Cheng Hao
Addr:        Jiangsu, Suzhou, Wujiang Shengze town textile market, two commercial district 9, 5