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Shijiazhuang Liang textile clothing trade Co., Ltd. is a large professional garment processing enterprise with professional design, production and sales. Shijiazhuang Liang textile professional clothing for new and old customers to provide full door-to-door service. Our company specializes in making enterprise work clothes, suits, suits, uniforms, work clothes, promotional clothes, security clothing, hotel uniform, shirts, nurse clothing, high and low business clothes, business casual wear, etc. our company's tooling fabrics are of all sizes and styles. In terms of design, we are not only limited to visible entities, but also will better enhance the overall image of enterprises based on their working environment, work nature and staff characteristics, product positioning, enterprise target positioning, and enterprise concept positioning. Ben...
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Contact:   Xin Hua Wang
Addr:        No. 89 Minsheng Road, Qiaodong District, Shijiazhuang