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Ningbo Yeston Detection Technology Service Co. Ltd is a professional, authoritative third party certification agencies, to provide professional testing, industrial products and consumer products certification services; laboratory according to ISO/IEC 17025 running, we detected a number of international certification institutions, and establish a close cooperative relationship. As a fair and authoritative third party certification and testing agency, we have provided product testing and certification services for tens of thousands of customers. In the industry, Ningbo Yeston to provide certification services one-stop, urgent customer needs, customers would like to think, all these, meticulous and thoughtful; and customers together to witness the development of Chinese economy. Help the manufacturer quickly qualified to enter the international market; we have a strong professional technical experts, our engineers with years of professional knowledge and rich experience, dedicated to manufacturing enterprises and foreign trade companies for domestic small and medium-sized production to provide the most rapid comprehensive testing and certification services. We are in mechanical equipment, electronic equipment, toys, stationery, auto parts, hardware tools, building materials, textiles, baby supplies, daily necessities, cosmetics, food and other fields of certification program has many customers, we have a professional and efficient customer service team and rich laboratory resources, we will make sure to reach the hands of consumers of the products are qualified product safety standard, is committed to enhancing the value for the enterprise products, help customers to avoid the risk of export clearance, to enhance customer's confidence in the products, so as to obtain the success of the international market. At the same time, the products of domestic enterprises are protected from the restrictions of policy and decrees in the competition of the international market, and the trade between China and the countries of the world is enhanced. Ningbo Yeston detection technology service company has been committed to help those in need of enterprises, businesses are willing to consider this Yeston more, combined with years of experience and certification testing, professional and authoritative laboratory resources, Yeston will put customer care full body now. Yeston forever is your trusted partner! ....
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