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Good Galway Chemical Co. Ltd. Brand
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Shaoguan Wengyuan Erwei Chemical Industry Co. Ltd., founded in 2001. Specializes in the production of shoe surface chemical modifier and leather surface treatment agent. 95 years from Wenzhou in Guangdong to make small spinning if Shaoguan Huacai paint industrial park A district. There are thirty mu of factory floor area, complete set of leather modification and shoe surface modification chemical production research equipment. The office of the six storey. Independent warehouse reserve and oil tank oil storage. The greening conditions, fire conditions and factory specifications of the chemical plant have been provided for the first class safety production workshop in Shaoguan national chemical industry. Good chemical Galway by five big department: Production Department, research department, marketing department, customer service department, financial department. Production department: from oil-based products to water-based leather finishing agent full set of production lines. The latest environmental protection children can contact a series of leather coloring lacquers, leather brighteners and shoes milk products. The scientific research department and Kent, Jiangcheng, Ting River, east of cooperation and exchange. In Shaoguan Huacai Industrial Zone Chemical Research Department established good galway. Gather the essence of the people, create the quality of the skin, enjoy the honor of the prestige. The promotion department is set up in Foshan, Guangdong, with HC, Alibaba, Baidu network platform and the whole line. Make the first promotion brand of leather care and shoe polish. Customer service department: good customer service personnel Galway full service in Zhejiang, Wenzhou, Foshan, Shandong, Hebei, Gaomi Ping Wuji, Guangzhou Shiling Town, Huang Town, Huizhou, Guangdong, Heshan, Fujian, Dongguan, Jinjiang set up leather, vamp modified customer service service site. The whole year service to the quality of the product and the new kind of leather is carried out throughout the year. Finance department: the country set up a number of shoe materials, skinning doors and files. Independent financial communication for 1 to 1 is set up independently. For the first time to guarantee the goods and to open the ticket. Good good brand Wei Galway chemical formally registered in 2004, from the beginning of the oily ink leather brightener, light oil, leather cleaning agent, oily leather color paint, cashmere Pizeng brilliant agent, suede leather maintenance liquid, leather matting agent, up to now the water environmental protection products, wax water, wax oil, milk, green shoes shoe cream, green leather color paint, water-based agent, water Pizeng brilliant cashmere cashmere skin care liquid etc.. There are more special products of vamp modification and leather care: Leather varnish, transparent leather varnish, leather brightening agent, leather filler, leather wipe oil, leather matting agent and so on. Adhere to the "people-oriented, good Galway chemical harmony, production safety, environmental protection products' Ideological and professional services and repair industry leather uppers. We should adhere to the guiding principle of "caring for the environment and the future of green Fu". Adhering to the concept of reputation, quality and the same customer, we will further promote the development of skin and shoes. In the new environmental protection and energy saving, the green environment, the human life today. Good chemical Galway is committed to become the first domestic leather uppers, modified nursing brand. It serves shoe material manufacturers, leather manufacturers and leather manufacturers. We wish to join hands with customers and friends from all walks of life. Create a better future. It is the first brand in China. It is applied to leather color changing nursing, leather sofa refurbishing, color changing, luxury leather modification, vamp modification, spray coating and color changing, leather leather and leather repair and repair. In 2008, it was certified by the national environmental protection. The use of environmentally friendly solvents, no pungent odor, resistance to zigzag, friction resistance, excellent adhesion. It is very popular with automobile leather maintenance shops, sofa refurbishment stores, leather nursing stores, leather making manufacturers and shoe makers all over the country. The whole company invites distributors to the whole country. Strong strength, a lot of preferential policies for dealers. 2013 good leather leather care leather maintenance leather clean boutique suit on the line. There are boxes of gift packaging, family packaging, welcome customers online consultation and visit the factory. To meet the needs of the customers.
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