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 Wujiang o Luo Lai Textile Co., Ltd. Brand
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It is located in Shengze, Wujiang, which has the reputation of "Chinese silk capital". Shengze is located in the center of the beautiful and fertile Yangtze River Delta, north of Suzhou, Nantong, Hangzhou, and Shanghai to the East. At present, Shengze has become the largest distributing center for chemical fiber fabrics in China. Our company is a comprehensive enterprise which integrates clothing, home textiles, luggage and bags, production, research and development, and trade. At present, the main production of various kinds of chemical fiber fabrics, can provide customers with all kinds of high quality men, women's clothing, home textiles, all kinds of luggage and noodles (LI) materials. After several years of development, the company now has more than 360 kinds of production equipment, and the introduction of TOYOTA, TOYOTA and TSUDAKOMA (Jin Tianju) and other advanced warping, sizing, and shafts and air-jet looms, and the introduction of advanced international technology and facilities. It can provide customers with a series of excellent services ranging from weaving to finishing processing (including all kinds of fabrics coated with silver, coated with PU, PA white, flame retardant, film, color paste, waterproof, breathable, moisture permeable, Teflon, anti ultraviolet, anti infrared, antistatic, grinding, printing, oil surface, velvet, calendering, rolling, composite and various functional coatings). Since its inception, the company has continuously provided high-quality, healthy, environmentally friendly and fashionable products with its strong R & D capability, advanced production equipment, strict management mechanism and good quality assurance. With many apparel brand customers working together, stand out in the competitive market, trusted by all parties. "Quality based, honesty seeking" is our eternal aim. With the concept of "innovation, integrity, quality and professionalism", we believe that the high quality products provided by Tian Meng can expand a brand and even support a brand! It will surely create a better future with our customers. Main products: seamless down underwear fabric, spring Asian velvet fabric, anti fleece fabric and composite fabric.
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Contact:   Manager Dong
Addr:        Shengze, Suzhou, Jiangsu