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Our company mainly supplies polyester staple fiber, polyester chips, polyester filament and three-dimensional crimp hollow fiber. Polyester staple fiber can be divided into cotton type, Spunlaced non-woven fabric, medium length, non-woven fabric, linoleum base fabric, sewing thread type, fine denier staple, functional staple fiber, color type (red, yellow, black, etc.). Polyester filament is divided into three categories: POY, FDY, DTY (Ban Guang, light and full extinction), denier number from 20D-300D, aperture 1F-288F. Polyester chips can be divided into fiber grade, bottle grade and film grade. Among them, fiber grade polyester chips are divided into three semi glossy, super glossy and full dull. The viscosity of bottle grade polyester chips ranges from BG80 to BG120, including carbonated beverage bottle (BG85), water bottle (BG80), hot filling beverage bottle (BG801), edible oil bottle chip (BG802), five grams of water barrel (BG803), high strength zipper, plastic steel packing belt special, and industrial silk grade eight kinds of products. Hollow fiber can be divided into 5D, 6D, 7D conventional varieties, 3D fine denier, 6D far-infrared silicon free or silicon containing products, 6D type bamboo carbon hollow fiber, 3D, 6D antibacterial hollow fiber, black, yellow, red, camel and other artificial fur special hollow fiber, four holes, seven hole three dimensional crimp silicon free or silicon containing products, 13D, 6D, coarse coarse denier silicon free or silicon containing products, match down feather, imitation feather down, silk silk cotton, low melting point fiber, in addition, there are a variety of length, porous, silicone oil or silicone oil and other polyester hollow three-dimensional crimp fibers.
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