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Xi'an Zhong Yuan watch and Gift Co., Ltd. is short for "Zhong Yuan company", which is located in the famous historical capital, and is now a famous city in Xi'an. It is a joint-stock enterprise that was born in the course of enterprise transformation complying with the development of the national situation. It was founded in 1997 by Zhong Yuan Industrial investment. The company has unique strength in the production and operation of all kinds of watches and watches, especially the clock and watch of all kinds of clock, watch clock, commemorative watch, celebration table and so on. After many years of careful management, our company has gradually formed a solid company with a single traditional department, which has set up production and processing, pre sale, sales later, and proxies of superior products. The company has a solid product exhibition hall. The enterprise consists of five departments: administrative management, marketing, e-commerce, production and processing, and after-sales service. With the continuous expansion of market share, in order to meet the further needs of the market, our business scope is gradually expanding. The company's products are related to watches and gifts, watches and gifts, ancient coins gifts, craft gifts, crystal gifts, practical gifts on the bed, household appliances gifts, exquisite packaging gifts, practical gifts, leather gifts, office gifts and other eleven categories. All kinds of gifts, handicrafts, luxury, generosity, classic, distinctive series and unique style. And long-term undertake various types of printed products, such as notebooks, Notepad, notes, picture albums, handbags, badges, badges, badges, school badges, signs and other design, production. To meet the needs of different groups of customers for gifts.
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Contact:   Liu Ya long
Addr:        A, block 801, cultural building, 98 Changan Middle Road, Xi'an, Xi'an, Shaanxi