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Shenzhen Peng Shun Shun acquisition clothing company Brand
Business Model
The company recovers a large number of manufacturers inventory, backlog, debt, auction, warehouse clearance, production, outdated fabric recovery. 1, recycling clothing such as needles, sewing machines and accessories. 2. Recycling woven fabrics, grey fabrics, denim, silk, twill, cotton, elastic cloth, yarn card, lining, plain weave, chemical fiber cloth, swimsuit cloth, linen, canvas and other clothing fabrics, cloth. 3, the acquisition of corduroy, recycled fabric, wool and so on. 4. All kinds of clothing: jeans, knitted sweaters, underwear, children's wear, sweaters, T-shirts, recycled sportswear, down jackets, cotton clothes, shirts, etc. 5. Recycle all kinds of bedding, shoes, accessories, yarns, plush, toys, lace, clothing equipment and other textile-related products. Please call our company, we will in the greatest sincerity, in the first time to solve your inventory worries, to revitalize your funds. Welcome your call to negotiate, the price is reasonable. Integrity first. Intermediary pay! High price acquisition of clothing factory stock clothing, clearance / storage cloth The highest price, the best service, we wholeheartedly serve you, looking forward to your consultation and attention. Shenzhen bought clothes. We want to buy knitted fabric, woven fabric, chemical fiber cloth, cotton cloth, linen cloth (Ya Ma), woollen cloth,
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Contact:   Lin Sheng
Addr:       Guangdong Shenzhen Longgang Buji town