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Founded in 2003, Jiangxi Changzhegong. cn. alibaba. COM / is a professional manufacturer of contactless IC card application system, which integrates R&D, design, production and sales. Its products cover almost all the application equipment of contactless IC card, including: entrance guard, attendance, consumption, consumption and so on. Patrol, parking equipment, elevator control, passageway and so on. The company adopts the international advanced MIFARE, EM, LEGLC, TI and other technologies, for you to achieve a building, residential area, enterprises, campuses, etc. card. The company has a strong high-tech professional and technical team, with first-class design level, high-quality product equipment and perfect management concept. With excellent product quality and good reputation commitment as the backing, the company has increasingly won the favor of customers, becoming an indispensable main force in the smart card industry. Especially the company's leading product, the intelligent management system of Zhejiang Industrial Parking lot, reflects the company's years of product research and development and innovative technology level, the system uses non-contact IC card, ID card radio frequency technology, set vehicle detection, brake control, automatic card issuance, voice prompt, computer automatic billing, computer networks, video Monitoring, image recognition and other technologies as a whole, the parking lot of vehicles in and out of the implementation of automated management, technical support flexible in place, cost-effective, in the same industry has considerable technical advantages and price advantages. Adhering to the tenet of "innovating science and technology, creating a new life", the company takes "as long as 1% of the opportunity will create 99% of the value" as its belief, strives to open up and innovate, always with advanced science and technology to cooperate with excellent service, in order to help customers accurately achieve their goals and create brilliant achievements together. The company is now with a strong and powerful pace, striding toward the goal of international first-class high-tech enterprises, will provide you with better products and services. "Honesty, customer first" is our eternal concept, "high quality and good price, strive to provide customers with a broader profit space" is our consistent goal. In the fast-changing era of science and technology, Zhejiang Industrial Transportation Technology is willing to build a bridge of friendship with you, work together to establish a long-term, stable and pleasant cooperation, and seek a win-win situation. Zhejiang Industry Transportation Technology, to create unlimited value for you - cooperation with us, will be your wise choice!
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Addr:       1--3 Dong Ming Industrial Park, Changdong Industrial Zone, Nanchang, Nanchang, Jiangxi